Frost & Sullivan Honors HealthOneMed

With 2012 New Product Innovation Award

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Our goal at HealthOneMed's is to maximize the effective delivery of healthcare to people. Telehealth, the integration of telecommunications and healthcare, is central to HealthOneMed's vision of enabling individuals, regardless of location, to monitor and manage their health. Our goal is to improve medical outcomes and an individual's quality of life, while also improving the management of healthcare resources and costs.

HealthOneMed's Dispense-A-Pill (DAP) Personal Medication Manager addresses the issue of medication non-compliance by integrating the approaches of pill boxes, reminders, pill dispensers and medication alert devices into a single device enabled by new technology developed and patented by HealthOneMed.

 The DAP not only helps individuals improve their quality of life, but also creates a solution for companies that want to provide a medication management service; including Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS) companies, Senior Care Communities (Assisted Living, Alzheimer's, etc.), Pharmacies and Home Healthcare Agencies.

A medication management service provides a new revenue opportunity that can leverage existing processes and infrastructure or can automate and make more cost-effective an existing manual medication service.

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