For Immediate Release March 8, 2011
Contact: Michelle A. Drager, APR

HealthOneMed’s Innovative Dispense-A-Pill (DAP)
Helps You Manage All Your Medications

Patented Personal Medication Manager Integrates the Capabilities of Pillboxes, Reminders, Pill Dispensers and Medication Alert Devices into Single Easy-to-Use Device.

Lehigh Valley, Pa.-- HealthOneMed, a pioneer in home healthcare solutions, introduces Dispense-A-Pill (DAP), a compact personal medication manager that improves a person’s quality of life and brings peace of mind to family members and caregivers.

DAP’s safe, simple pill organizing and dispensing ensures the right medications are taken at the right time. Pills are poured directly into the DAP and the device automatically sorts and dispenses the medications as directed.

Joe Moorman’s mother considers the DAP an indispensable household appliance. “My mother doesn't have to fumble around anymore to pop open pill bottles. At her age, with waning hand-eye coordination, it can be a real chore to open up five different pill bottles and then just pop out one or two little pills,” he said.

DAP also includes personalized reminder capabilities to help individuals remember to take their medication. “DAP dispenses my mother’s five different medications every morning and reminds her to take them on time. In the past she would sometimes forget to take one of her pills. The results with the DAP have been remarkable,” concluded Moorman.

According to Gazi Abdulhay, MD, founder of HealthOneMed, DAP is a vast improvement over current pill organizers and dispensers. Sorting and organizing pills by hand, he says, can frequently lead to dangerous dosage misses and costly mistakes.

“Half of the two billion prescriptions filled each year in the U.S. aren’t taken correctly,” Abdulhay said. “Not only does DAP helps individuals take their scheduled medications as directed, but DAP also includes advanced capabilities to enable individuals to safely manage their ‘take as needed’ medications,” he explained.

DAP manages up to 16 medications and allows individuals to set reminders and manage alerts for non-pill medications such as topical creams, eye drops, inhalers and insulin injections. DAP can store a 90-day pill supply as well as inform a person when medications are running low, thereby providing plenty of time to get prescriptions refilled.

Since DAP connects to a phone line, it can automatically alert up to five caregiver contacts if a dosage is missed. Caregivers can also review medication dispensing history at any time.

In addition to managing medications, DAP’s unique FunMinders™ capability enables personalized reminders to be set for health-related activities including doctor’s appointments, dietary support and vital signs monitoring.

DAP is the one system for all medications and is truly a prescription for peace of mind. For more information about DAP, visit:

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